Ireland 2013 – Could we have our first Irish Finalist?

Zoe 2

(Picture Courtesy of  Zoë Bohorquez Twitter Page)

RTE will be formally announcing their Eurosong Finalists for the Irish National Final, where a decision will be made on who to send to Eurovision 2013. However we have stumbled across some information that I thought you should know.

We saw that Paddy Power Book Makers had mentioned Zoë Bohorquez as a contestant. So we took a closer look and found Zoë’s Twitter page. As you can see she talks of a big project coming up that she is very excited about. Then you take a closer look at whom she is friends with on Twitter and we find Niall Mooney – one of this year’s Eurosong Mentors. Is this a coincidence? Well it could be so we contacted Niall to ask if this was true. He would not confirm the details as said they will be formally released by RTE at the end of the month.

Here is Zoe’s Twitter Page with the announcements.

So who is Zoe Bohorquez?

She is/was a member of Irish girl band “Underground” who were formed back in 2009. Originally from Arkansas in the States, Zoe moved to Ireland in 2004. Daughter to an Ecuadorian father and an American Mother, Zoe has grown up with gospel choirs and upon moving to Ireland, joined a local dance group. It is safe to say then that we can be expecting a big voice and some great dance moves from Zoe. However if Zoe is a Eurosong finalist – will she be singing as part of the group “Underground” or solo?

Here is a short playlist of Underground’s songs where you can see and hear Zoe and friends perform. Voices and charisma are in abundance here.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of UnderGroundGirlsTV)

Stay tuned for more information on the Irish National Selection “Eurosong” in the coming weeks – oh and in out next post in an hour.

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

Source – Twitter/Paddy Power Book Makers


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