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Ireland 2013 : Shay Healy Exclusive

Improvised Irish Flag

Improvised Irish Flag (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

Eurovision winning composer and Eurosong Mentor for 2013 Shay Healy‘s team, were in contact with us today at Eurovision Ireland with some details of their Eursong entry.

Yes Shay Healy was the writer of Johnny Logan‘s first winning Eurovision song – “What’s Another Year“. This is still a classic song that has far out grown its status as a great Eurovision song – it is a wonderful song period. The song went on to massive success across Europe and even the Latvian entry to Eurovision last year – Anmary paid tribute to it in the very first line of her song “Beautiful Song”. So you can imagine the anticipation at what Shay Healy would present to Eurovision 33 years later?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of eurovisionfrancetube)

Well today Eurovision Ireland was contacted by Shay’s team with some details. What can we tell you? Well we have been told details of the team that are assisting Shay in his quest for another Eurovision victory. “Ed Darragh” is a producer working on Shay Healy’s team and they say that “they have found a true diamond amongst the entries that were submitted to them”.

Ed her self is an accomplished singer, musician, composer,writer, producer and performer on numerous radio commercials and researcher and interviewer on several radio programmes, including The Gerry Ryan Show and Moloney After Midnight to name but a few.

Ed is held in high respect in the Irish Entertainment Industry and was asked to host the The TuneBreaker Awards in 2011. The TuneBreaker Awards is a prestigious award ceremony held in Ireland annually. Ed performed and presented the live event. Here is a wonderful sample of her work. Very emotive and soulful music that we hope she will bring to Shay’s Act for Eurosong. Still no word on who will perform Shay’s song but his team have said that we shall be first to know with all the details. Sit back now and enjoy Ed’s song “On Leeson Street Bridge” – a possible taste of things to come.

(YouTube Video courtesy of tunebreakeraward)

Author/Website founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

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