Eurovision National Finals 2013

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Finland's Flag Looking Like Canvas

Finland’s Flag Looking Like Canvas (Photo credit: Chrisser)

Who will represent Finland at Eurovision in 2013 in Malmö? Well we heard the 12 finalists today on YLE Radio Suomi. The artists talked about their entries and we heard the recorded versions of the songs that will be presented in 2 semi finals and a Grand Final.

Semi Final 1 – will take place from Circus in Helsinki on 17 January

Diandra – Colliding Into You

Diandra is a former Talent Show winner in Finland, so has an established following. There was a lot of anticipation for her track and today we heard it. It is very much of the vein of an X-Factor/The Voice Winner’s song. It reminds me of a cross between a Leona Lewis and Matt Cardle song. Pleasant song that will need to be presented dramatically if it is going to the Eurovision stage.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Iina Salin – Last Night

This song is a disco anthem that catches you from the first few seconds. With a catchy chorus filled with some fantastic funky gospel backing singers I found myself tapping my feet away. This reminds me of something from Joslyn Brown and Donna Summer. If you want to tear up the dance floor then this is the song for you. Would do very well at Eurovision

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Ilari Hämäläinen – Sytytä mut vaan (Just Light Me Up)

This is an 80’s rock song repackaged for 2013. Since I can remember the 80’s I have to say that I like this. The main rift in the song reminds me The McCauley Culkin’s guitar solo in Michael Jackson’s Black or White. Like this if you like 80’s greats like Poison, White Snake or Def Leppard. I could see this in a Eurovision Final.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Last Panda – Saturday night forever

Boyband good looks with a rocky guitar edge, these guys remind me of a Finnish McFly/Busted or Europe (from the 80’s). Where are Finland getting these great acts from? This is fun song with a pop rock beat with some great synthesiser chords. This is instant, catchy and memorable. Oh and the younger audience at Eurovision would love them. Strong contender.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Mikael Saari – We should be through

Well Mikael asks the question that I asked about Finland last year in Baku as I loved the Finnish song. Mikael has a strong voice and has a vast vocal range. It is a power ballad that you could see Jim Steinbeck writing. A lot of piano and orchestral arrangements on this song. A song of light and shade that I know Juries would like a lot. Will the public find it as appealing? Time will tell. He does look a lot like one of the brothers from the American band Hanson – M Bop – can he make number one?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Rautakoura – Ilmalaivalla (On an airship)

This is great Blue Grass music which has a folk feel to it. It is about time Eurovision had some of this on the stage. If you like the banjo then you will love this song. Looking like they have just come off the stage of “The Grand Ole Opera” these guys could be a surprise package in this tough semi final.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

The pre show favourite Diandra may find the competition tough!

Semi Final 2 – from the Circus in Helsinki on 24 January

Atlético Kumpula – Paperilyhty (Paper lantern)

At 2 minutes and 20 seconds long – this is a short song. It is in that tradition that Finland strangely has of having a Tango flavour to it tinged with some gentle country music. This reminds me of something you could hear at either a Michael Buble or Kenny Chesney concert. Mixed in style and gentle on the senses, it is a good opening to Semi Final 2

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Arion – Lost in the woods

This band could be taken straight out of the Twilight Saga Soundtrack. It has a strong American college rock feel to it that you can sink your teeth into. They remind me of Evanescence with their song “Bring Me To Life” which is a classic song. Arion could be on to something good here.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Elina Orkoneva  – He’s not my man

This is a good old-fashioned Rock a Billie song. If you are familiar with Irish singer Imelda May you will know exactly what I mean. A catchy old style RnB song all about a man. This again is an instant sounding song that people should be able to get into rather easily.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Great Wide North – Flags

Ok here is yet another Blue Grass/Country song what features a strong Banjo harmony. A chorus that asks us to “wave our flags high” it is again a good song. If it was the only song of this style in the competition then I would say that it had a strong chance of doing well. However with som many other like-minded songs, it maybe hard for them to distinguish themselves from each other.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me

This is Finland’s answer to Keisha and Katy Perry. A strong street style image and a song that sounds like it was plucked off an American teen movie. Lot’s of Oh Oh Oh’s where Krista asks you to marry her. Very radio friendly and will depend if the voting public will like the song

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Lucy Was Driving – Dancing all around the universe

A mid tempo rock/pop song that has a marching feel to it. This song will need to depend on a strong visual performance to it to make the final. The lead singer looks very charismatic but will that be enough?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

So what next?

The Jury will listen to the artists perform twice – January 3rd and 10th  – before they will vote. After each semi final the Top 2 scoring acts will make it to the final automatically.

Then a second chance semi final will be on January 31st where the Jury will select 4 of the remaining songs to take part in the Grand Final which will take place  at the Barona Arena in Espoo on the 9th of February.

Can you select a winner yet? I think we maybe in for a few shocks along the way in Finland this year

Author/Website founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source YLE)


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