Eurovision 2012 in review

Happy New Year From Eurovision Ireland – And A Look Back at 2012

Love From Dublin

As the picture says – “Love From Dublin” to the thousands of people who have followed Eurovision Ireland and whom have joined us over the past 12 months. We hope that you will stay with us for the 2013 edition of Eurovision and our Road to Malmö. As a special thanks we thought that we would share with you some of our favourite moments from the 2012 Edition of Eurovision. So where to start?

Well I hope you don’t mind me being a little self indulgent, but one of the scariest, funniest and joyous moments of Eurovision 2013 for me was the Jedward Rollercoaster Ride. It is safe to say that Ireland had not been doing so well at Eurovision since the starts of the new millennium. The days when Ireland seemed to do well at Eurovision had passed. However beginning with Niamh Kavanagh in Oslo, we made it back to a Eurovision final and more importantly people back home in Ireland started enjoying the contest again. 2011 and 2012 saw Jedward put Eurovision back on the map in Ireland and abroad.

For 2012 my first memory was the flights that I shared with Jedward to and from Baku. The boys had a megaphone on the plane and spent the entire journey talking to everyone on the flight. For everyone who criticises them, I have to defend John and Edward and say that they always have time for everyone whom they meet – which cannot be said for all Eurovision singers that I have met over the years. So roll on Semi Final 1.

I was so nervous as we slowly came to the last performance of the night – Jedward. I had spoken to their Tour Manager Liam McKenna throughout the months and days running up to  Eurovision. We all knew that Jedward had a water effect in their performance which had never been seen on a Eurovision Stage before. But many people did not know that the machine that created the waterfall had been very temperamental in the week running up to the live show. So when Jedward managed to do a flawless performance and when they ran into the water at the end of the song – the audience was amazed. So my Rain Dance to the Gods had worked. Not many people know this but the waterfall was operated by Liam McKenna at the side of the stage pressing really hard on a big red button. See we give you all the behind the scenes gossip.

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As I sat there in the front row of the Crystal Arena my heart was literally in my mouth as the envelopes were opened for the results of Semi Final 1. When it got to the last qualifier I could not take the tension. When I saw the Irish flag appear I cannot express how happy and relieved I was that we had made the final. I never want us to be the last envelope opened again. I nearly passed out!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Scassi2)

My second memory of 2012 was when one of the smallest countries at Eurovision but who have the biggest passion for the contest – Malta – qualified for the Eurovision Final. Kurt Calleja performing “This Is The Night” was truly a very welcomed result at Eurovision. It is no secret that I have written before for the Maltese Press and it was wonderful to see the Island make it to the final. Not only did they have a wonderful song but they had one of the most sincere delegations at Eurovision ever. As the qualifying artists made their way to the Press Conference you could hear the Maltese team singing with such delight. One day Malta will win Eurovision and as they have promised us – we will have the first out doors Eurovision. So Malta qualifying for the Eurovision Final was a highlight of 2012.

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My next memory comes from yet another Island. Yes many a night was spent at Euroclub with the beautiful and talented Ivi from Cyprus. That girl has to have some Irish heritage as she certainly knows how to party – and party we did all to the final!

Cyprus - Me and Ivi

From every rehearsal that Ivi did in the Crystal Hall – she was just getting better and better. The hope and belief that she could make the final grew too. So you can imagine my delight when my girl made the final and also got 12 points from Greece and Norway. Still a favourite on my i-pod playlist today.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

Now my next memory comes from Sweden but at their National Final. The host of Melodifestivalen – Sarah Dawn Finer – brought to screen her alter ego of EBU Co-Ordinator Lynda Woodruff. I look at this comedy sketch and cry with laughter as she plays an EBU official, welcoming Europe to “Azerdzjaban…Azzerbeejlaban…Baku”. Not only did she have the Lynda Woodruff character at The Swedish National Final but she also brought her to the Eurovision Final where she announced the Swedish votes. This was made in jest and is still funny today.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of KriFFek)

My second last memory comes from the woman who made me cry at Eurovision this year. No she didn’t slap me but she did manage to stage an AMAZING performance in Baku that took her country back into the Top 10 after a long absence. Yes my next memory of 2012 is the wonderful Pastora Soler from Spain. This was a song that I knew well before Baku and thought that it was pleasant. However when Pastora took to the stage something magical happened. Sung with such emotion and passion and hitting a high note that Mariah Carey would be proud of – this performance had me in tears in the rehearsals. I am not afraid to admit that I was an emotional wreck after Pastora performed. The Spanish fans that had made the trip to Baku were, as always, great fun to be with for the 2 weeks of the contest. So Pastora Soler makes my memories of 2012.

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I suppose you cannot mention 2012 and not mention the Euphoric win by Loreen at Eurovision. It was a case more of “How much will Loreen win Eurovision by” as opposed to “Will Loreen win Eurovision?”. Yes Euphoria was the song that everyone knew and had heard of before the contest. Loreen managed to bring style, creativity and credibility to Eurovision. Her modern dance anthem won the votes of the Jury and Public and then the Charts of Europe. Yes Loreen brought Eurovision back to popular success. It is only fitting that we end this look back with the song that is going to bring all of Europe to Sweden in 2013. Happy New Year everyone.

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Author/Website founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I think this year was one of the best years. For me, the best memory is Russia, my favorite song of Eurovision 2012 which I was afraid, wouldn’t appeal as much and maybe miss the top 10. But it got to number 2! Yes! I hope 2013 will be as exciting even with pre-determined running order.

    Cyprus got 12 points from Greece and Sweden, not Norway

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