Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013: Who will be representing Ireland at Eurovision 2013? Some Confirmations.

English: Irish Flag

English: Irish Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So who will represent Ireland at Eurovision in 2013? As per normal there is much speculation about who will be in the “Eurosong Final” that takes place on February 22nd on the world’s longest running chat show – “The Late Late Show“.

RTE, the Irish National Broadcaster, will be employing their mentor system to source and produce a talented act that can go to Eurovision and succeed. For the last 2 years Jedward have been successful under this system. So who are the 5 mentors?

Mairéad Farrell – Radio and television presenter. She has been a commentator on the Irish National Selection process for several years and is “almost” as big a Eurovision fan as me! I expect Mairéad to clearly know what works at Eurovision in 2013, so expect a good show.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of todayfmwww)

Shay Healy – Songwriter. Shay will be remembered for writing the first of Johnny Logan’s winning entries back in 1980 – “What’s another Year”. So I am expecting a melodic song of high quality.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Euroencyclopedic)

Mark McCabe – Radio DJ and producer. Mark has produced/written one of Ireland’s biggest selling songs of all time “Maniac 2000” and should bring something fresh to Eurosong.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of playthatbeat)
 Niall Mooney – Songwriter. Well Niall knows his Eurovision and has co written 2 of Ireland’s entries to Eurovision “Et Cetera” in 2009 and “It’s For You” in 2010. He has also been involved with national final entries across Europe. I have no doubt that Niall is going to have us dancing in the isles with his entry.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 1111scream)
Stuart O’Connor – Producer. Stuart runs Spotlight Stage School and is one of Ireland’s top producers and choreographers.  He has produced musicals such as ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Annie’ as well as the recent “Best of Eurovision Show” in the BGE Theatre. So there is a good Eurovision connection and hopes are high for a fresh act.

So what can we confirm for you?


Well Jedward are not going to go for the hat trick – well not this year. The boys would have been in touch with us like they were last year at this stage if they had Malmö Intentions.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of JedwardVEVO)

Nikki Kavanagh

The wonderful Nikki Kavanagh – who Irish fans love – will unfortunately not be participating this year in Eurosong. We are very happy to report that Nikki is the proud Mother of a beautiful pair of twins. So Nikki has her hands full this year but we want her back in 2014. Remember this great performance from Nikki, just missing out on going to Düsseldorf by 2 points.

(YouTube courtesy of MrAeden)

AJ Lewis

Next up is AJ Lewis. Again I have talked to AJ – as we both performed in Jerry Springer the Musical at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin over a year ago. AJ is a fantastic soul singer from the UK who has Irish Grandparents. AJ has been in touch with all the mentors and we know that some of them are very impressed with him as a potential candidate. As of yet no formal offer has been made to AJ.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of mkpicture2009)

Shane Filan

We had already reported that Shane Filan – ex member of Westlife – was in potential line for a place in the Eurosong final. He read our post – like most people do here at home – and said that he was flattered at the opportunity but wished the contestants the best of luck. I am still not sure we have seen the last of Shane either this year or next.

Leanne Moore

Now Leanne Moore is a former winner of Euro Star – an Irish Talent Show – and backing for Jedward at Eurovision for the past 2 years. It is safe to say that Leanne has served her apprenticeship and is ready for being the main attraction. Besides lots of talent what Leanne also has is the fact that Jedward can call on their millions of fans across Europe to vote for Leanne should she take part and reach Eurovision itself. It is said that Mairéad Farrell has a female act – so it is a good bet that Leanne will be in the running for Eurosong.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of IrishESC)

Damian McGinty

Again as we had reported there are rumours that Glee star Damian McGinty may be in the mix too. He hasn’t formally denied it but as he has said before he is a fan of Jedward and knows them – and as he has a solo album coming out – Eurovision may just be the platform for him.

So it is a case of watching this space. What we can tell you is that Niall Mooney has found his song and that it is up tempo. Former X-Factor contestants like Rebecca Crighton and Melanie McCabe, Euro Star Winner Lucia Evans and Sharon Condon of ex girl group Wonderland have all been mentioned. Some names that could be interested in the Eurovision include Samantha Mumba and Band Roy Seven. Both of which would certainly add further kudos to Eurosong here in Ireland. Remember these songs?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Zem Zamson)

And this

(YouTube Video Courtesy of RoysevenTV)

So it is all guns a blazing. RTE will be announcing details of the acts in the run up to the live Eurosong Final and we will indeed keep you informed

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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  1. ive heard that rebecca creighton and Lee Mulhern is in the mix too. dont know much about him but he’s worked with snoop dogg.

  2. We need something different from all that jedward mania. Though I like them it obviously didn’t work out.
    I really like AJ’s voice. Did he apply with the song above?

    • He actually submitted 2 songs that were mentioned in the article from the “” that is in the artucle. Both songs are of a very high standard and would stand up well in Eurovision

  3. I really believe that the Heather would be a massive success for Ireland if they were approached by RTE. They have a truly unique sound and would be a total departure from the enevetable Loreen impersonators that will surly be in abundance this year.

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