Thank You Azerbaijan For 2012 – What Now For 2013?

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The Beautiful city of Baku played host earlier this year for Eurovision 2012. After Sabina putting in a wonderful performance and taking The Land Of Fire to 4th place in the final it is going to be big shoes to fill at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö.

Some people had speculated that Azerbaijan would not have placed as much interest in Eurovision going forward since they had one it and showed the world that they could host an International Event. Well that is not the case judging from the promotion they have generated back in Azerbaijan. Probably one of the biggest National Selections “Milli Secim Turu 2013″ started this week with no fewer than 80 acts competing.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of BundesvisionTV)

Not content with that each act has to perform on live national television weekly – not once, not twice, not 3 times, nor 4 times but a staggering 5 times a week before the results of the heat are announced on the Friday night Broadcast. This is an 8 week selection process so you can be sure that the winner will be an exceptional singer after this intense selection process.

From Monday to Thursday the acts in the heat will have to sing a song from a genre of music

Monday nights the acts have to perform Eurovision songs, Tuesday is devoted to Azerbaijani music, Wednesday’s are songs from around the world, Thursday is back to the theatre for songs from stage shows while Friday is a the day when the artist gets to sing their choice of song – if they have a voice left by then.

The first week’s Heat sees the following 9 acts performing

  • New Skin
  • Nigar Alizade
  • Elgiz Mammadov
  • Rinat Alimov
  • Jahangir Gasimzade
  • Madina Muradkhanova
  • Vugar Muradov
  • Anna Zemchenko
  • Tomris Naibli

New Skin

New Skin kicked off the show on Monday with their rendition of the Ukraine’s 2010 entry “Sweet People“. A good start to the 80 acts. Great voice with a hint of the Elvis Costello look.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Nigar Alizade

A very charming female singer took on the big challenge of Serbia’s wining song “Molitva”. That is a difficult song to perform. Nigar did a good performance for the first show. There were some pitching issues but I am sure that by the end of the week she will be pitch perfect

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Elgiz Mammadov

Well Serbia is a popular country in Azerbaijan as next up was their entry from this year performed by Elgiz and his crew of dancers. All dramatic and seemed to be popular with the local audience. For me he didn’t own the stage and his voice did not have the depth for this song – but he did a much better version than I would be capable of.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Rinat Alimov

Now if you are going to take on one of my favourite Turkish Eurovision Songs “Shake It Up Shekerim” you better do a good job. Rinat had some funky dance moves of his own going on but he was being out shone by the 2 dancers that accompanied him on stage. His diction was good but he really needs to learn how to perform to the camera more as that is where you get to sell the song at Eurovision. Follow the camera and know where it is at all times.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Cahangir Qasimzade

“live It Up” from Turkey in 2011 was the choice this time and Cahangir has a good voice on him that suits this style of music. He did however run around the stage with his back to the audience. A little strange but I am sure we can sort that out easily. He was dressed very smartly which seemed out of place for the song but that can be easily solved with a good stylist.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Madina Muradkhanova

Probably one of the most recent songs that finished second at Eurovision that really should have taken the prize home – Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady” from the Ukraine. Madina has a strong voice and needs to learn how to control it because at times she was shouting the words into the microphone. She tried to emulate some of the signature dance moves from Eurovision Diva Ani Lorak but she had no conviction in them at all. It all appeared flat and un rehearsed. A shame as it is a great song

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Vugar Muradov

“Opa” – The man is a giant. Towering over the 4 4 female tours Vugar blasted out the Greek entry from 2010. The man can sing. There is no doubt about that. The man can work a camera – no doubt about that. But dancing is another matter altogether. Those female dancers again were jumping about doing their dance routines and our man Vugar was getting knocked about by women half his age. He just needs to multitask – the holy grail that all us men find hard to discover and he could be in with a good chance of progressing.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Anna Zemchenko

Well this is a rock chic that I would be scared to talk to. She certainly knows how rock out. Very grunge music inspired and she is comfortable with that. Not sure I know this Eurovision song but you can get the angst in her performance for sure.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

Tomris Naibli

What a cutie that looks great on camera and took on the dance routine of 2012 from Malta – “This is the Night”. I even got Kurt from Malta to try and teach me the dance in Baku and even I couldn’t manage it – but Tomris did. It was a shame that as Tomris concentrated on the performance element of the song the vocals were very weak which is a shame – but it brought back many fond memories of Baku

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision)

So there you have the first night of the 8 week Azeri Search for their Eurovision 2013 artist

Have you seen a winner?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source Azerbaijan TV)

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