Lithuanian Jury makes a strong case why Eurovision should just be a Public Vote

Flag of Lithuania

Flag of Lithuania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not for the first time have the Lithuanian Public been over ruled in the search for their Eurovision 2013 entrant.

Tonight saw the culmination of the Lithuanian national selection for the artist to fly their flag in Malmö next year. In a show that was filled with dancers, singers, ring masters and lots of confetti – The Jury decided to ignore result of the televote.

The drama of the final began even before the show had started. The 8 finalists were

  • BOŽOLĖ – Happy And Free
  • GERAI GERAI & MISS SHEEP – War In The wardrobe
  • LINAS ADOMAITIS – I W 2night
  • DAR – JUMP!
  • ANDRIUS POJAVIS – Something

Now for all of you who are good at maths you will notice that there are only 7 acts above and that is because Act 8 – Monika, had to withdraw due to laryngitis. So that left us with the Magnificent 7.

The Lithuanian Broadcaster had been very professional throughout the course of their heats and semi finals. No extravagance but each song had been presented in an appropriate and subtle fashion. That all changed tonight were most of the acts found themselves surrounded by dancers and mime artists that was fitting for the eventual winner ANDRIUS POJAVIS who was dressed to resemble a Circus Ring Master.

Each of the songs were performed well but were at times overshadowed by the stage show that the broadcaster had put on for the final. “Sometimes” less is more!

After all the songs were performed we were treated to 2 female singing bands – one actually was a Spice Girls tribute act who performed “Stop” – a question or a statement one asked from time to time?

The votes then came in and there were surprises. LRT had a mobile app called “balsuok!” where people could vote for fun though not counting towards the final result. The winner of this was ANDRIUS POJAVIS – to his and the audience surprise. For his troubles he won an I-Pad. Then there was an internet vote that was run on And no surprise there the vote was won by the energetic “DAR”. Again this vote did not go towards the final result – but freedom of speech or internet clicking had spoken.

Then we came to the “Real Public Vote” and that then produced a third and worthy contender for the title in the form of Gerai Gerai ir Ms Sheep. The Public Vote was as follows

1st – Gerai Gerai ir Miss Sheep – 971 votes

2nd – DAR – 877 votes

3rd Andrius Pojavis – 862 votes

Lith Public Vote

(Picture courtesy of LRT)

Then came the interesting part when the Jury votes were added into the final result. We were told that we had 3 acts that were through to the Super Final – and they were

  • Gerai Gerai ir Miss Sheep
  • Andrius Pojavis
  • Girmante Vaitkute

So obviously the Jury were not looking for the fun, catchy hit like “Jump” from DAR.

All money was on the contemporary potential Euro Hit by Gerai Gerai ir Miss Sheep now. After a tense wait the winner was announced and to everyone’s surprise – including his – was Andrius Pojavis. What makes this even more of a shock is that he almost didn’t even make the final! So what went on here? It was obvious that the Jury were seeking a different act to represent Lithuania and the panel seemed to outweigh public opinion.

So the Lithuanian Representative at Eurovision 2013 is Andrius Pojavis with his song “Something” – and as they say “somethings” just can’t be explained. In fairness he is a handsome man who looks good on camera, sings well (as he did all throughout the live shows), and as for the song – it is like a cross between The Killers meets Chris De Burgh. Not an instant sing along but after listening to it for several weeks it is pleasant middle of the road. I just don’t get excited by it.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of2013EurovisionMalmo)

Is this going to Qualify?

Stay tuned for our section “Ones That Got Away” as there are 2 contenders for that title in Lithuania.

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source LRT)

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