Eurovision National Finals 2013

Bosnia – “Love In Rewind” to a Better Time

Flag Bosnia Herzegovina

Flag Bosnia Herzegovina (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk ~ Déplacement)

I would “Love To(in) Rewind” change your decision to withdraw from Eurovision 2013. Yes the Economic Grimm reaper has claimed another country from the Malmö Joyride of Eurovision.

Bosnian National Broadcaster BHRT today released a statement conforming that due to the ongoing recession in the country and necessary cut backs that had to be made at the station, that they would have to sit 2013 out.

It had been hoped that the country would have made it to Malmö especially after they had managed to qualify for the final this year in Baku. Maya Sar admirably made it to the final over stiff Balkan competition from Slovenia and Croatia and came a respectable 18th place.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

BHRT has said that it will still however broadcast both Eurovision Semi Finals on the May 14th and 16th and The Grand Final on May 18th.

This is another blow to the contest as there is always a strong Balkan presence in the contest.

In tribute to Bosnia let us remember a tender song from the country that had the Eurovision audience in Dublin cheering for several minutes before they sang – the wonderful Alma and Dejan from 1994 who were one of the performances that stole the show for me on the night. And Bravo to France for awarding them 10 points on the night.

(YouTube Video courtesy of escbelgium4)

Will this be just a 1 year sitting out of the contest for Bosnia Herzegovina or could their economic situation see them be out for several years? What do you think?

(Source BHRT)

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