Eurovision 2012

Belarus BEATS Switzerland?

English: A variant of the national flag of Bel...

English: A variant of the national flag of Belarus with 2 red stripes who borders the ornament pattern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I call Belarus the Sleeping Beauty of Eurovision as you know that as it is a huge country with huge talent too that it is surely going to lay a claim on the Eurovision Title.

Well Switzerland tend to be the first country to select their entry for Eurovision each year but NOT this year as Belarus will for once be FIRST at Eurovision as they select their song on December 7th – Yes this Friday which will be 8 days before Switzerland. Oh the Swiss will not be happy losing their crown. The finalists for the national selection have been announced and here are your finalists.

So Who do we Have?

  1. Max Lorens – I love your charming eyes
  2. Alyona Lanskaya – Rhythm of Love
  3. Alekse Grossi – One Way Love
  4. Daria – Catch Me Again
  5. Nuteki Band – Save Me
  6. Satsura – Get out of my way
  7. Uzari – Secret
  8. Rnkey – Letter to Mother
  9. Vitaly Voronko – I wonder how you
  10. Beaver Band – Incredible Band

Max Lorens – I love your charming eyes

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Musicalitysy)

He could be seen as an Eastern European Usher or Justin Timberlake. His music is soul/RnB/Hip Hop even though this song sounds more like a latin song that mark Anthony might sing. Contemporary and slick and should score well with Juries and Public alike in Belarus. However here is the VERY interesting fact. The 6th act in the Belarussian final  – Satsura- sung with Max in the 2008 Russian National Final and came 25th. Might there be added competition between these two acts? Here are both acts in Russian in 2008

(TouTube video courtesy of Kingringpress)

Alyona Lanskaya – Rhythm of Love

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MrEurovision2013)

Now we get even more interesting. Do you remember last year that Belarus changed their National entry for Eurovision following their national final as it was alleged that the Jury had awarded the then winner 12 points thus making her the artist for Baku. Well following an intervention from the Belarussian President an investigation took place and “We are the Heros” was formally upgraded to first place. Well guess who Lightsound dethroned – Yes Alona and her song “All My Life” – We just have to take a look at this controversial song.

(TouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision Portugal)

It takes a strong and determined woman to come back the following year but Alyona has with a wonderful dance track that would certainly do well in today’s musical charts. Can she win this time around?

Alekse Grossi – One Way Love

This young man seems to have it all – Handsome good looks and a great voice. His vocals have been compared to Liam Payne from One Direction – not a bad comparison I guess. The song is mid tempo and gets you hooked rather easily. Could do well.

Daria – Catch Me Again

(YouTube Video Courtesy of vkolona)

A chirpy song that reminds me of a cross between a Paloma Faith Song and a Disney Song something like The Jungle Book.

Nuteki Band – Save Me

(YopuTube Video courtesy of Israel Gomes)

Continuing Belarus’ love with goog rock bands comes Nuteki Band – a handsome 5 piece rock band that remind me of Linkin Park with strong electronic/rock beats and singing and rapping they are a strong and visual bank. This song grabs your attention from the first beat and doesn’t let you go. This has a catchy chorus that would go down well in a Eurovision Arena and a good rock song hasn’t won Eurovision since 2007.

Satsura – Get out of my way

(YouTube Video courtesy of Eurovision 2012ESC)

As I mentioned already Satsura were in the 2008 Russian national final with Max Lorens and since then they have gone through a major musical change of direction. No more a boyband but a hard hitting electro/rock MAN band. What a pity that they are up against another great rock band like Nuteki as these 2 acts may actually split their own votes. This has a rock anthem feel to it and would work well in a big stadium. Can they win?

Uzari – Secret

(YouTube Video courtesy of SergeyDima)

Now here is a treat for you.  A live recording of Uzari performing Secret live. As you can see he has a unique and quirky style about him that I think Juries and the Public would like – sure look at Rona from Albania this year. Like Rona Uzari has a wonderful live voice. The song is very modern but with a traditional undertone. You could be mistaken that it was from Serbia as it has that emotion. A melodic ballad that has pauses that are just calling out for some stage performers. A good song and singer!

Rnkey – Letter to Mother

(YouTube Video courtesy of Victoria Lapeho)

Well this is a dramatic song by a classically trained singer. It sounds like it should be on the West End in an Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical – and we all know how well he did at Eurovision in 2009 coming 5th for the UK. I say that this may score well with the juries but may have a niche market in the public vote. On the other hand there is nothing else like it in the national final. Time will tell.

Vitaly Voronko – I wonder how you

(YopuTube Video courtesy of Vkolono)

Oh this song brings back wonderful memories of Mandinga from Romania this year. A wonderful party song with a strong accordion rift in the song. I deny anyone not to tap their feet to this song. This could be your surprise package on the night.

Beaver Band – Incredible Band

This is traditional music that I wo few uld expect to hear on a great night out in small bars in Minsk. If I was to describe them it would be a cross between The Pogues from Ireland meeting The Beach Boys with drinks to warm their throats before they sang. This may sound strange to some people but it is very traditional and I for one think that it deserves its place in the National Final. The song contest should have something for everyone and the Beaver Band certainly do that.

So there you have your finalists for the National Final for Belarus that will take place in 4 days time and we will have our first confirjmed entrant. Could it be first time lucky for Belarus? Stay Tuned.

Who do you think is in the running to win their National Contest?

Here is your Blast From The Past from Belarus – Koldun singing “Work Your Magic” which for me has been their best song at Eurovision and brought the nation to the Top 10 in the final. It sounded very much like a great James Bond song and he did a promotional tour of ireland just before the contest. Could we be about to see the same happen again?

(YouTube video courtesy of KataKoldun)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source – Belarusian Telegraph Agency)

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