Eurovision 2012

Belarus chose tonight – and we will be doing a running blog of the even
You can watch live at the following link
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Eurovision Ireland

I call Belarus the Sleeping Beauty of Eurovision as you know that as it is a huge country with huge talent too that it is surely going to lay a claim on the Eurovision Title.

Well Switzerland tend to be the first country to select their entry for Eurovision each year but NOT this year as Belarus will for once be FIRST at Eurovision as they select their song on December 7th – Yes this Friday which will be 8 days before Switzerland. Oh the Swiss will not be happy losing their crown. The finalists for the national selection have been announced and here are your finalists.

So Who do we Have?

  1. Max Lorens – I love your charming eyes
  2. Alyona Lanskaya – Rhythm of Love
  3. Alekse Grossi – One Way Love
  4. Daria – Catch Me Again
  5. Nuteki Band – Save Me
  6. Satsura – Get out of my way
  7. Uzari – Secret
  8. Rnkey – Letter…

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