Eurovision 2012

Switzerland could be takling a leaf out of Montenegro’s Ass from 2012!!

The national flag of Switzerland.

The national flag of Switzerland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Switzerland continue the tradition of being the first country to select their entry for Eurovision. Is this in the hope that people will know the song by the time the contest comes along 5 months later? As in recent years too the land locked country has had several selection heats which include the varied languages and broadcasters in the country. So all the songs have been selected for the final and the draw for the running order completed.

Who is in the running?

  1. Ally – “Catch Me”
  2. Nill Klemm – “On My Way”
  3. Anthony Bighead – “Do The Monkey”
  4. Nicolas Fraissinet – “Leve-Toi”
  5. Jesse Ritch – “Forever & A Day”
  6. Carrousel – “J’avais Rendez-Vous”
  7. Melissa – “The Point of No Return”
  8. Chiara Dubey – “Bella Sera”
  9. Heilsarmee – “You And Me”

Quick Run Through Of the Songs

Ally – Catch Me Now

This a light bluesy/soft rock type of song from Ally. It is like a cross between a song from the Spice Girls meets Leanne Rimmes. All about telling a man to  try and keep up with her. Gentle pop/rock that will not offend anyone.

(YouTube Video courtesy of Windmaschinchen Schweiz)

Nill Klemm – “On My Way”

This is a good current country and western song. I could hear Tim McGraw or Brad Paisley singing this and it being a hit in America. Just Nill and his guitar feature heavily in the song. This should get your feet a tapping.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Nill Klemm)

Anthony Bighead – “Do The Monkey”

This is a pure funky dance song as the title would suggest. “Even if the world should end tonight, Don’t care about it – Do The Monkey”. As you can see from the video I would suggest that like Montenegro this year bringing a Giant Ass on stage that Anthony would probably have King Kong in Malmo. Dressed in animal costumes you can’t help but shake your monkey – no Michael Jackson’s Bubbles is safe people so no need to mail me! This is a rap song with a soul 70’s chorus. Think Stefan Rabb 2000 meets The Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch” – remember them? If not then here you go.

(YouTube Video courtesy of eurovisionplattform and BloodhoundgangVevo)

Nicolas Fraissinet – “Leve-Toi”

One has to say that the Swiss like their “Adult Pop/Rock music and if Eurovision was in America they would be cleaning up on all the Douze Points. This is similar to some of the other entries in the National Final and I could see this being a song by The Script in about 10 years time. Middle of the road radio friendly music to play while driving in your Volvo.

(YouTube video courtesy of dtb2music)

Jesse Ritch – “Forever & A Day

Should JLS ever want to become a 5 piece band or one of them leaves then Jesse Ritch is their man. A young pop/soul singer that can sing and dance with ease. This song should go down well with it’s catchy chours and hopefully some easy to follow choreography. Like this if you like JLS meets Olly Murrs.

(YouTube Video courtesy of TBASchweitz)

Carrousel – “J’avais Rendez-Vous”

You know what is missing from music today are good duets and this could be one of them. A funky male/female duo with a very catchy chorus. This has that lost and forgotten instrument of the accordion heavily in the song – which is always a good thing in my book. If I was to compare this to something it would be like a French Busking bank meets that 90’s band Sixpence None The Richer. This should score well with Juries and the Public if it makes it to Eurovision.

(YouTube Video courtesy of GroupeCarrousel)

Melissa – “The Point of No Return”

Thanks to Loreen’s win in Baku at Eurovision 2012 this year it was certainly hoped that countries would see that modern and current songs would have a life after the contest. Melissa brings to the contest a modern song that I could see Jennifer Lopez or Loreen herself singing. This would be celebrated if it was in Melodifestivalen. Will the more rock orientated Switzerland appreciate this club/dance/pop song. Only time will see but I could see Eurovision liking it and her.

(YouTube video courtesy of Rafeal de alba)

Chiara Dubey – “Bella Sera”

There is nothing else like this in the contest. It is a haunting ballad/lullaby. Chiara has a sweet and charming voice that is going to benefit from coming directly after a big dance anthem track. If I was to compare this to anything it would be a cross between American singer Jewel and 80’s uk Folk/Rock band All About  Eve – here is an 80’s blast from the past

(YouTube Videos Courtesy of MrEuropeMusic and Grande 1965)

Heilsarmee – “You And Me”

This is UK Eurovision Winners Catriona and the Waves meeting the Salvation Army. This is a rock song but with a slight Schlarger element to it. Good harmonies and a chorus that you can’t get out of your mind. Have the Swiss saved the best until last? All I can say is that I could remember the song before it had even finished which is always a good sign of a Eurovision Song.

So When do the Swiss Decide?

They will have their national final on December 15th at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen and it will be hosted by Sven Epiney. The interesting thing is that the winner will be decided by 100% televote. Is that wise as at Eurovision it is a 50/50 split? Time will tell but one thing for sure is that from King Kong to Dance Divas to Rock Bands – there is something there for all the family.

Who will win?

(Source RTS)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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  1. As for me, Jesse and Heilsarmee are the best options to go to the final for Switzerland.

    I do like Melissa very much, but I fear it will end as other dance songs highly favored by the fans but disliked by the general audience on the big niht, just like Hungary 2 years ago…

    I think that Heilsarmee should get more votes than Jesse at Eurovision because Heilsarmee can please the young as the less young, whereas Jesse is clearly just for the young.

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