FYR Macedonia – Kaliopi Again in 2013?

Flag of Macedonia 1

Flag of Macedonia 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year saw FYR Macedonia break their spell of bad luck in missing out on the Grand Final. Kaliopi – one of the Balkan‘s most known and much-loved artists sang the song Crno I Belo. The song and singer were selected internally by the National Broadcaster MRT. And what a stroke of genius that was. Not only was Kaliopi amazing on the stage but she was the ultimate professional artist at the Press Conferences which were so entertaining and always packed by all of us from the Foreign Press as you can see below.

(YouTube Video courtesy of MacedonianWorld)

It can also be challenging for artists at Eurovision to conduct hundreds – and I mean hundreds – of interviews but a true professional like Kaliopi made them funny, interesting and informative. Her interview with Terry Vision became legendary and was on Balkan TV which indeed increased her song’s profile.

(YouTube Video courtesy of MacedonianTelevision)

So MRT has seen this as being the key to their future success at Eurovision and have revealed that they will again for 2013 in Sweden, make an internal selection for Eurovision 2013. It is hoped that it will be another big star from FYR Macedonia who can hopefully give them their first Top 10 finish at Eurovision. A formal reveal of the singer and song is expected towards the end of December. Here are some memories of FYR Macedonia at Eurovision to enjoy again.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of DigiKid1)

Can FYR Macedonia find another Kaliopi? Let us Know

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall)

(Source MRT and ESCFlashMalta)

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  1. Kaliopi must come back to the Eurovision if i get to repersent Ireland in the eurovision hehehe joke bring opi back to eurovision she is amazing 🙂 my hero

  2. She was one of the best on and off stage this year. I am happy that she participated, we voted her “The Artist of the year 2012”.

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