Eurovision 2012

The Cat Is Out Of the Bag For The United Kingdom?

UK Flag

UK Flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year there is much speculation around who will represent the UK at Eurovision and the BBC leave us hanging until the very last minute but with mixed results. Blue did well in 2011 coming 11th but poor Englebert last year – well was it really worth the wait that the BBC put us through?

So far this year there have been several names thropwn around in speculation by the press – Rylan from the X-Factor following his comment “You gotta love a bit of Eurovision” on the show last week. Former X-Factor singers also mentioned each year are Gareth Gates and Joe McEldry. All would be good in their own individual way but today a major act has been “outted” by the British Press for Malmo next year – “Who is it?” I hear you cry?

Well if I was to say that there were 5 of them in the group? They look and sound amazing and have just reformed – would that give you a clue? My fingers are shaking with excitement as I type this but if it comes to pass – then the BBC need to jump on the offer and sign them up IMMEDIATLEY or I would urge the great people of the UK not to pay their TV License anymore!! GIRLS ALOUD

Girls Aloud in their music video.

Girls Aloud in their music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes today the London Metro Newspaper has quoted “Girls Aloud may have missed out on a no.1 comeback…but it appears Eurovision is in thier sights.” Yes after 10 years on the go and with the release of their Greatest Hits Albnum “TEN”, Girls Aloud are looking for that big break across Europe. With such a big catalogue of songs – 20 Top 10 hits – this could be a shrewd move for the girls.

People say that they are too big and wouldn’t risk doing Eurovision. Well let’s take a look at the evidence.

Cheryl Cole – has fallen out of favour with Simon Cowell and is nolonger the Sweetheart of the British Public. Her vocals at the Queens Jubilee concert did not help matters and her third solo album “A Million Lights” and subsequent tour has failed to take the nation or world by storm. So it is fair to say that Cheryl needs a media boost besides the extra volume she gets from L’Oreal.

Nadine Coyle – well she has a successful restaurant and store in America and has tried to launch a solo career also but with little success

Nicola Roberts – Nicola was seen as being a fashion designer but that seems to have fallen by the wayside. She too has had a flurry with a solo career and despite getting  critical acclaim for her efforts, it did not set the charts on fire.

Sarah Harding – has been a tv presenter “Snog, Marry or Avoid” – most people have avoided the show and also some film appearances – Most notably in Saint Trinians. Yet again she has not matched her fame from Girls Aloud

Finally Kimberly Walsh – she had been the quiet  one from the band but has resurfaced this year on the BBC 1 Hit Saturday night show “Strictly Come Dancing” where she is one of the favourites to win the show.

So Girls Aloud have missed out on the No.1 slot with their return to the charts but the affection for the band is still there as a collective. They have announced a reunion tour that will finish in March 2013 which would be perfect timing for Eurovision Rehearsal in May. So this is the first real sign that a major and current act is willing to do Eurovision and if they could recreate their current hit record in Malmo then the UK could be hearing a lot of “Douze Points”. But a word of caution – There are 2 other acts that have been mentioned in close circles for the UK entrant slot and who would be strong candidates – The Pet Shop Boys and Hurts. But as it stands Girls Aloud want the gig according to the papers – SO GIVE IT TO THEM!!

(Source London Metro)

(YouTube Video courtesy of Knex100)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

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