Eurovision Selection Process

Will Malmo “Hanover” the Eurovision Crown to Germany Next Year?

Germany have been on a Eurovision roll of successes for the last 3 years which included Lena’s Win and subsequent Top 10 placings for both Lena and Roman Lob – and it looks like they are getting the Big Names out to play in Malmo next year!

Yes Germany are planning to go even bigger this year with a Valentines’ Day Selection show in Lena’s home town of “Hanover“. In previous years, the search for the German entry was run over several weeks within a live show – almost in an X-Factor style production. However, this year Germany has taken a different approach in the search for their third Eurovision Victory

What is the format?

  • Well there be one live show on February 14th in the TUI Arena in Hanover. This is not a small venue by the stretch of any imagination. It is expected that there will be 11 thousand fans at the show.
  • The show entitled Unser Song für Malmö will see between 8 to 12 established performers fighting for the honour of representing Germany at Eurovision.
  • As we speak there is a 7 member panel of Music Industry Experts reviewing all the potential artists for the shortlist.
  • Once selected the artists will then go through a 3 staged voting sequence. For one week commencing February 7th.
  • The listeners to many of the pop channels on German Radio will be asked to vote for their favourite songs on line.
  • During the live show on February 14th the viewing public can vote for their favourite songs and an expert panel of judges will also vote.


So in total there are 3 equally weighted voting sequences that will take place

This is an adventurous selection process by the German Broadcaster ARD and is certainly going to generate interest within and outside of Germany.

What do you think of this selection process? Will it give Germany another seasoned performance like they have had at the last 3 Eurovision Finals? Let us know your thoughts.

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Author and Eurovision Ireland Creator and Senior Editor – Garrett Mulhall

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