Ukraine – You Can Be Their Guest on December 23rd for Malmo

In the past Ukraine have been one of the last countries to select their Eurovision Entrant – even missing the official deadline in the past. However, come December 23rd, Santa will have delivered the Ukrainian entry for 2013.

Well, you will have already known that on October 1st NTU called for submissions to be made for the Ukrainian National final. The closing date for entrants is December 22nd – just one day before the national final. Interestingly, the entrants are allowed to perform in any language for the national final.

Starting though on December 10th will be auditions of the submissions that have been received by NTU. This will be decided upon in private by Music Industry professionals. 20 acts will then be announced as the finalists who will participate in the live national final on December 23rd. The voting will be like that of the Eurovision – a 50/50 split between the public and a jury vote.

Ukriane seem to always know how to put on a great show of talent each year in their national final. Are there any Ukrainian artists that you think could be successful at Eurovision and bring the contest back to Kiev? Let us know.

Author and Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

(Source – Marco Brey at and NTU Website)

(YouTube Video courtesy of

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