Belgium Goes Bellarosa

Belgian broadcaster RTBF have announced that Roberto Bellarosa will be tasked of bringing the Grand Prix back to Belgium after a 26 year wait since they last staged the Eurovision in 1987. So who is Roberto?

As his name suggests – Roberto is of Italian origin and was born in 1995. At the age of 9 his parents enrolled him into the Conservatoire de Huy. It was here that Roberto discovered his talent as a singer and this led him to participate in the 2011 The Voice of Belgiam. After a 16 week audition show Roberto was crowned the victor winning the contest by 57%. He won a contract with Sony Music where he recorded an album and 2 hit singles.

RTBF announced on November 16th that Roberto would be their performer in Malmo for 2013. We should hear shortly how the song shall be selected as under the recommendation of the EBU back in Baku earlier this year each country should provide an option to the public on either their artist or song for 2013.

Could Roberto bring Belgium back to the Eurovision 2013 finals – like that of Tom Dice in 2010?

(Source of video RobertoBellarosaVevo and Sony Music)

(Source of Material RTBF)

Author – Eurovision Ireland Creator and Senior Editor Garrett Mulhall

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