Eurovision 2012

France – The Circus Comes To Town

(Photo courtesy of Andres Putting (EBU))

France brings the Circus to town for their performance and there is no easy way to say this but it was a mess. The French have taken a great song and killed it with a stage performance that frantic.

Anggun sings the song Echo (You and I) and her vocals were good. This is a high energy pop song that should have a uniqe dance routine but what the French Delegation has done is try and tick all the demographic boxes to try and get votes. We have 3 male shirtless dancers who are gynmasts and they spend the entire performance leaping all over the stage, moving plinths and generally being frantic. This looks disorganised and has no relationship to the song. What it also does is that it detracts from Anggun and her singing.

The French have a lot of work to do before this looks anyway descent – Quelle Domage!

(Video courtesy of

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