Eurovision 2012

Azerbaijan – The Shock of the Night

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Hanses (EBU))

Sabina put in an amazing performance of her song “When The Music Dies”. This was the huge surprise of the day as it has been a song that I had never rated but Sabina put in a sensational performance. He voice has the musical range that is more accustomed to a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. It was spine tingling. She was accompanied by 3 female backing singers to her left and 1 man who sits on a platform. The sound was crystal clear and amazing

Sabina was dressed in a dress that was very much like Mika‘s from the Ukraine last year. However the lighting is such that it changes the colour of Sabina’s dress. The backdrop is black but with splashes of colour. It looks amazing on the stage and on the tv screen. Sabina sang with passion and control and captured the mood of the song.

Don’t count out a Top 5 finish for Azerbaijan.

Video to follow

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