Eurovision 2012

Italy – Oh this is sounding like it could be a winner!

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Hanses (EBU))

Nina Zille is on stage as I write and I can say that the pre contest buzz around her is TOTALLY justified. She has just brought the house down with her rendition of L’amore e femmina (Out of Love).

Vocally – flawless and effortless on every single run through of her song. The song itself is amazingly catchy with it’s “Boom Boom Boom”. Nina is accompanied by 3 backing singers – 2 women and 1 man – and they all harmonized without any problems. For a first rehearsal this was amazing. The song is a mixture of Italian and English.

Staging – The staging here is wonderful and is not OTT yet at the same is not static – lesson for the Germans! A stylish art decco black and white rotating screen. Highly effective! Nina has her signature blues/60’s styled dance moves put slightly into the routine. It all had that Italian style about it and that is why it looked and sounded wonderful. This is pure Italian – think Ferrari, Versace and Dolce & Gabana rolled up into 3 magical musical minutes. This is by far the best song we have heard today.

Video to follow

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