Eurovision 2012


(Picture courtesy of Eurovision Artists)

Jedward Exclusive

Jedward last night bought 2 rabbits and have named them “Euro” and “Vision”. Their new babies were already enjoying their new surroundings – Jedward’s Hotel Room. So can little “Euro” and “Vision” get Irish Visas – only time will tell.

Water Feature

Well as we reported from Jedward’s press conference they will be having a considerably bigger water feature on the stage. I have found out that there actually was a fault with the water feature and that it should have been much higher. The actual piece of equipment arrived in Baku a week before Jedward but unfortunately the production team did not check the mechanics. So their first rehearsal was the actual first time that they could check if the system was fully working.

Since Monday, the production team have been working on the equipment around the clock to get it right. Progress is good but will it be ready on time?

How does the system work I hear you ask?

Well it is actually controlled from the side of the stage by none other than our favourite Jedward Tour Manager Liam. So when you see the water feature working on stage – that is all thanks to our man Liam.

A BIG thank you to all our followers for your questions for Jedward for this Friday’s press conference. We are going totry something special – so stay tuned

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