Eurovision 2012

SWEDEN – The Favourite Takes to The Stage

Sweden – The favourite takes to the stage

The media attention that was in the hall for Loreen was staggering. People were climbing over each other to get a good vantage point. However – was it worth it? Well being the firm favourite you know that people will be expecting more from you than other countries. They will also expect your First Rehearsal to be note, camera and dance perfect which is not the case. Regearsals are there to iron out any problems and Loreen had some issues.

  • Swedish Euovision Song – We all know the song “Euphoria” and there is even a store in Baku called Euphoria – how strange. The song is a huge Electro Euro Pop anthem that only the Swedes know how to do.
  • The Singer: Loreen is singing on stage with 2 female backing singers. It was clear that she was holding back on her voice but the backing vocals need some work – but that is what the rehearsal is for.The song still sounds wonderful and that is hard to say when you have been listening to it for months now.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction

  • The local people who have not seen or heard the song were very excited from Loreen’s performance. This bodes well as the majority of people looking at Eurovision and voting in it will be looking at the songs for the first time when the show airs so your song needs to have impact and this does.

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)


  • Staging / Performance /Routine – Again this is same performance that took place in the Swedish National Final. Loreen is dimly lit with just spotlights on her face which is highly dramatic.
  • The stage is dark with some intermittent flashes of lighting
  • There is the same dance routine as she used in Melodi Festivalen and guess what – yes you are right – she uses the same male dancer again here in Baku.
  • When the key change takes place in the song – YES the same again – we have snow on the stage. However the backdrop of the stage turns into a massive snow blizzard which looks stunning.

Final Analysis – Tip for the Eurovision Finals:

 So as for today’s theme for the performances – we are doing “Cars” – so Loreen’s performance would be “A pimped out Volkswagen” – Highly reliable whilst looking and sounding great.

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