Eurovision 2012

Support for Jedward and Eurovision Predictions 2012


Jedward are so popular here at Eurovision this year that they are on the cover of the “Eurovision Artists” magazine. Being selected to be the front of the cover is a huge honour and shows just how well known Jedward are across Europe.

What has been also very interesting is the support for Jedward from the other acts in the contest this year.

We caught up with Kurt Celleja from Malta who is a big fan of Jedward and he was happy to pose with the magazine and tell us how fun he thinks Jedward are. As you know Malta are in the second semi final and were very supporting of Ireland/Jedward last year and gave us 8 points. If both Malta and Ireland make the final then maybe we could exchange points?  We thank Kurt for his support of Jedward


Following that we had the pleasure to meet the lovely Guitana from the Ukraine. She said that she really loves Jedward’s song from this year and last year and they always make her want to party. Well we certainly like Guitana too and it would be nice to think that the Ukraine and Ireland could also share points this year too.

The Scoring Board

Also in the hall there is a scoring board for all the press to make Eurovision Predictions for 2012. As you can see Jedward are currently 3rd in their Semi Final. I seriously believe that following their second dress rehearsal on Friday that they will go higher in the Eurovision Predictions.

So who are your predictions to make the final from Ireland’s Semi Final?

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  1. Its wonderful to hear all the good news for Ireland after all the doom and gloom we have had recently. Jedward are doing a great job representing us and making us proud

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