Eurovision 2012

Jedward – Video of Their 1st Press Conference

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Hanses EBU)

What Questions would you have Asked?

We promised to bring you all the Jedward news from Baku and late last night at about 10pm Jedward had their first press rehearsal. Pop Corn was the food of the day. As you would expect the guys put on an amazing press conference.

Yours truly here – managed to get the most questions to the guys for you all. As you will see – there is so much more to come from Jedward in their second rehearsal on Friday – A full Shower and LOTS more water!

As per usual – the guys gave a huge shout out to their fans and thanked them for all their support. Enjoy the video

They will have a second Press Conference on Friday so what Eurovision questions would you like to ask the guys?

(Video courtesy of

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all our Fans for posting in their Questions so far – you guys rock!- be sure to stay tuned for the next Press Conference update !

  2. Which countries are included in the European tour? Also countries where they’ve never been before?

  3. JEDWARD TOTALLY ROCK.Luv being a part of #TeamJedward They did an amaZin job at this press conference.Every1 who was at that press conference will sooooo have had them in their head all day.Jedward know how 2 make an impact.Loved your Q’s Garrett.Can u ask them at the next 1,will we bring shower caps + rubber duckies 4 when they perform in the semi final??Thank You =:)))))

  4. Great press conference as always by John and Edward, they certainly know how to entertain an audience. Can you asked if they are surprised, and encouraged,by the positive comments surrounding their recent youtube vids, particularly John’s cover of Boyfriend? Thanks

    They got 12 points last year and will get it again this year but they have NEVER been to Denmark…
    Good luck to the twins!

  6. What did they think of the crazy send-off they got in Ireland when leaving for Baku? 🙂

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