Eurovision 2012

Serbia – “I’m Blue”

Serbia – Zeljko is back again at Eurovision and hoping to go one better than his second place result in 2004 .

  • Serbian Eurovision Contestant – Vocally Zeljko is a very accomplished singer. You know that he is not going to miss a note or a beat. This comes form years of singing and performing across the globe.
  • The band: He is accompanied by 5 performers on stage. One is playing the 2 violinists, another the tamborine, guitarist and a pianist and a singer. Again all are accomplished and were note perfect

I think you can see what I am getting at. This is all “SAFE” for me.

  • Staging/Performance – The primary colour for the Serbian stage is blue. However Serbia have literally borrowed the French backdrop from last year and have images of the cosmos in the background. Zeljko stands centre stage and his band surround him in a semi circle.
  • The Song: When the key and tempo change comes into the song there is some change in the lighting but it is not dramatic enough and does not enhance the song. If I am honest I am not a fan of this song as it reminds me too much of Zeljko’s songs from the past.

Eurovision 2012 Predictions

  •   It is all very safe and does not bring anything new to the contest. This song to me is sung very well and looks good but it is of Eurovision yester year. However with so many Balkan countries in the second Semi Final it is certain that Serbia will qualify for the final.
  • It will make the final and deserves to be there as it is a very professional performance but would I be happy for it to win – no.

 Final Anaylsis – Tip for the Eurovision finals

Today the theme is “FRUIT” – so I would say that this is something normal and reliable – A Big Juicy Apple. You know what it will taste like and a little boring.

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