Eurovision 2012

MALTA – This is Their Night

Malta – Dancing their way into the final for sure

Kurt and his band came on stage today with a smile and energy that just lit up the room. Kurt asked you to believe that “This is the night” and I think it could well be for Malta on May 24th.

  • Maltese Eurovision Song – What a summery upbeat song . People watching the rehearsal were all clapping and getting into the groove of the song.
  • The Singer: Kurt’s vocals were on key all the time and his diction was perfect – which is a welcome change from some of strange English that we have heard. Kurt works the stage and interacts wonderfully with his band members. The camera angles are spot on and Kurt knows how to work the screen.
  • The Band: that are supporting Kurt sounded wonderful too. There is one female backing vocalist who blends in with Kurt very well.There are 2 male guitarists, a DJ and a female drummer – all of which interact with Kurt vocally well to create a strong wall of sound
  • Staging / Performance / Routine– This performance just blasted out of the blocks. The backdrop has a sea of people dancing on the video wall which is highly impressive. It adds to the carnival atmosphere of the song
  • The colours used are red and orange with strobing lights. Again this is visually strong.
  • Kurt and his band have their great dance routine that we are all trying to learn in the press hall now. I have had a few mishaps!!
  • When the climax comes in there is a great breakdown and the lights on the stage gone from the red to black and white which is highly effective
  • The DJ comes out from behind his booth and does some really slick break dancing while Kurt hits some really high notes.
  • Everything came together on this first rehearsal and the view across the press centre is that Malta are going to the final

Final Analysis – tip for the Eurovision Finals

If Malta was a fruit they would be a “Passion Fruit” – fresh, fruity and very tasty.

Video to follow

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