Eurovision 2023

#Eurovision 2023: A history of each country’s highs and lows at Eurovision.

While the first rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest are going on in Liverpool, we at Eurovision Ireland thought it would be a good time to look back at each of the 37 participating countries highs and lows in their history of competing in the contest .Today we will focus on Austria.

When did Austria first compete at Eurovision?

Austria debuted at a time when the Eurovision Song Contest was still in its infancy, in 1957 .Bob Martin with his song “Wohin kleines Pony” became Austria’s first ever Eurovision entry.Sadly the debut was not a good one, he came last with 3 points.

Austria’s high point at Eurovision.

Austria have won the contest twice . In 1966, with Udo Jurgens and his song “Merci Cherie” , then they had to wait until 2014 for their next victory when Conchita Wurst took the country to victory with her power ballad “Rise Like a Phoenix “

Austria’s low point at Eurovision.

Unfortunately, Austria have had several low points during their time in participating at Eurovision. They have come last several times, in 1957,1961,1962,1979,1984,1988,1991. They also finished last in their semi final in Baku, in 2012.In 2015 , The Makemakes ,with their song “I am yours” ,on home soil in Vienna, finished 26th and scored 0 points in the Grand Final. They also achieved the unwelcome record for Austria of being the first host nation to get the dreaded 0 points.

How will Austria do in 2023?

This year, the Austrian broadcaster, ORF , have gone for an internal selection again, choosing Teya and Salena to represent them in Liverpool with the very catchy song “Who the hell is Edgar?” The song has already become extremely popular on social media and You Tube and is tipped to do well in Liverpool. Can Teya and Salena bring Austria back to the Grand Final and the Top 5 this year after three years of the nation missing out on a Grand Final place?

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Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: ORF , Eurovision.TV

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