#BIRTHDAY: Eve Graham from the UK is 80 today

#BIRTHDAY: Eve Graham from the UK is 80 today

Is it a day for you? Well, the sun may be shining, you’re having a break from the daily grind, and you’re reading this website. So it must be good!

Of course, you’re here for a birthday, and it comes from someone who did her stuff OVER 50 years ago! Admittedly, today’s birthday girl Eve Graham (née Evelyn May Beatson) didn’t do her stuff alone. She’s the one in blue, and accompanied by her chums in the New Seekers. They finished second, in the days when someone could read the Yellow Pages on stage and still finish third at least. Certain other countries know what that’s like these days. Now, answer me this: Is this the best UK sing ever? Discuss.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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