#BIRTHDAY: Tix from Norway is 30 today

#BIRTHDAY: Tix from Norway is 30 today

Our friends in Norway have had their fair share of successes and the tribulations at our favourite TV show. Those wins have sometimes been runaway, but the less said about the lows the better. And there were high hopes in 2021.

The contest in Rotterdam saw NRK send today’s birthday boy Tix (né Andreas Andresen Haukeland). He has a backstory of his own tribulations, so getting to the hallowed stage was definitely an achievement. He even struck up a friendship with someone way out of his time zone. As it happened, he only just scraped through his semi-final. The televoters liked him more than the jurors too. It must have been the angels and chains.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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