#Italy : Marco Mengoni wins Sanremo!

Last night, Italy held its 73rd Sanremo festival in which the winner has the option to participate in the Eurovision Song contest 2023 .After a long night, Italy decided and Marco Mengoni emerged victorious with his song “Due Vite” . Most of you will remember Marco having competed before at Eurovision , in Malmø 2013 , when he sang ” L’Essenziale” and came 7th in the Grand Final .Since taking victory, Marco has confirmed that he will be participating in Liverpool, in the Eurovision Grand Final in May .You can see the performance of “Due Vite” here on You Tube.

Congratulations to Marco Mengoni!

What do you think? Have Italy made the right choice? Do you think Marco can give Italy a second win in just two years? Let us know by leaving a comment below .

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : RAI YouTube

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