#BIRTHDAY: Laura Põldvere from Estonia is 34 today

#BIRTHDAY: Laura Põldvere from Estonia is 34 today

As I’ve mentioned before, many songs that we expect to do well, fall at the semi-final stage. We ask ourselves why. Well at least I do.

Even more so when our friends in Estonia perform this non-qualifying trick. Admittedly, sometimes I wonder why a musical nation picks a certain song. I won’t name names. Sometimes, however, Estonia sends a certainty. Back in 2017 in beautiful Kyiv, ERR sent Koit Toome and today’s birthday girl Laura Põldvere with a Sven Lõhmus song. What could possibly go wrong? Every expert tipped it to qualify at a canter. Well, the audience liked them, placing them sixth. But the pesky juries put them 17th. Of 18. Pulls sad face. Anyway, here they are.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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