#BIRTHDAY: Dulce from Portugal is 53 today

#BIRTHDAY: Dulce from Portugal is 53 today

We’re in Italy for a certain musical event next month. So when an act has a birthday who performed in Italy the last time the contest was held there, it piques my interest.

Very soon, some countries will be on stage in Turin, rehearsing their little hearts out and hoping they’ve got the right stuff to win. In what could be history repeating itself, our friends are sending a fado-inspired song. In 1991, the fado was provided by today’s birthday girl Dulce (José Silva Pontes). We all know that her country’s results have been up and down over the years (mostly down, but when they’re up they’re really up), but Dulce finished a respectable eighth place. Can history also repeat itself with another eighth place?

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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  1. one of my favorite Portuguese song in the contest. She deserved a much better score, even victory !

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