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#SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen 2022 To Provide English Commentary Once Again

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, have announced that English commentary will once again be provided for this year’s Melodifestivalen. Olivia Le Poidevin (BBC) and Bella Qvist (Sveriges Radio) will be back together in Stockholm, in person this year to provide the commentary, after they provided it from different locations last year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bella Qvist has been hooked on Melodifestivalen ever since Charlotte Nilsson took her to Eurovision heaven in 1999, and she’s been flying high on the wings of Eurolove ever since. A lover of songs that stir emotion, be it pop or rock, Bella still hasn’t recovered from Loreen’s historic win in 2012 and that first note of Euphoria gives her goosebumps to this day. Bella, who is based in Stockholm, has spent a combined 18 years living in the UK and Germany and has a long record of reporting on Eurovision for various British media outlets including the Guardian, BBC and DIVA Magazine. She made her SVT debut as Eurovision expert in 2021 and it is her dream to one day be an official commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year viewers have been able to follow Bella’s text commentary of the Melodifestivalen heats inside the Melfest apps – and she can’t wait to be back on air in the English speaking commentary broadcast.

Broadcaster and BBC News Journalist, Olivia Le Poidevin, grew up on a healthy diet of Eurovision music – schlager, big Balkan ballads and all.  Not only did her parents get married to the Eurovision theme tune, (yes, we’re not joking), but Olivia even wrote her university history dissertation on the Eurovision Song Contest She is a big Eurovision fan and has reported on the contest for the BBC World Service and ESC United in Copenhagen, Vienna, and Stockholm. Of course, her Eurovision reporting experience wouldn’t be complete without her interview with pop royalty, Bjorn from ABBA! After broadcasting live from London for Melfest 2021, excitingly this year, Olivia will be reunited with Bella in the commentating boot in Stockholm!

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: SVT

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