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#ESC22: Ukraine’s Eurovision Story So Far – Part 1/3

On the lead up to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, which is been held in Turin, we are looking back at the countries participating in the Contest and their histories – past and present. Today we start with Ukraine’s story – in full.

Ukraine debuted at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, in Riga, Latvia. Oleksandr participated with “Hasta la vista”, finishing in 14th place and 30 points.

Video: YouTube/2000ESC2003

Ruslana represented Ukraine at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, in Istanbul, Turkey. She participated with “Wild Dances”, finishing in 1st place (their best position) and 280 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Greenjolly represented Ukraine at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, in Kyiv, Ukraine. They participated with “Razom Nas Bahato”, finishing in 19th place and 30 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Tina Karol represented Ukraine at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, in Athens, Greece. She participated with “Urok hlamuru”, finishing in 7th place and 145 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Verka Serduchka represented Ukraine at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, in Helsinki, Finland. She participated with “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, finishing in 2nd place and 235 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Ani Lorak represented Ukraine at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, in Belgrade, Serbia. She participated with “Shady Lady”, finishing in 2nd place and 230 points.

Video: YouTube/EBU

All of us here at Eurovision Ireland are against the war in Ukraine. You can support the crisis via the British Red Cross, British-Ukrainian Aid, Kyiv Independent, Save the Children UK & UNICEF.

We will be back tomorrow with the second part of Ukraine’s Eurovision story. Let us know what you think about Ukraine and the Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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