#BIRTHDAY: Tijana from North Macedonia is 46 today

#BIRTHDAY: Tijana from North Macedonia is 46 today

We’ve got a trier today. You have to admire our friends in North (formerly FYR) Macedonia. They used to make the Grand Final year in year out, sometimes to the consternation of ‘Old Europe’. The rules then changed and North Macedonians seemed to be stuck in the semi-finals (apart from 2012 and 2019). Never ones to shirk from a challenge, they come back every year, and put a lot of effort into their attempts.

In 2014, MKRTV sent birthday girl Тијана Дапчевиќ/Tijana Dapčević (née Тодевска/Todevska), six years after her sister Tamara had given things a try. It was a close thing but, like her sibling, failed to qualify. But I’ll wager Macedonia will keep trying. Anyway, Tamara has since finished seventh in a Grand Final, so maybe it’s Tijana’s turn to do the same.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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