#BIRTHDAY: Iris from Belgium is 27 today

#BIRTHDAY: Iris from Belgium is 26 today

Do you think that those semi-finals are brutal? We’ve all had discussions on why a certain song qualifies over another song. After all, every act in every semi-final is trying their hardest to make the leap from weekday sideshow to main event.

Back in 2012, the competition at the lower reaches of each semi-final seemed very tough. Today’s birthday girl Iris (née Laura van den Bruel) was in semi-final one, which was dominated by some grannies from Russia. She appeared to be in a tough draw, and was largely overlooked by large parts of Europe. Iris didn’t care – she was in the Euroclub every night, drinking in the reasonable prices and partying until dawn. Sometimes it’s good to be an unfancied song.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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