#BIRTHDAY: Edurne from Spain is 36 today

#BIRTHDAY: Edurne from Spain is 36 today

Our friends in Spain haven’t had the best of times this century. The peak was a 6th place finish in 2001. Since then, well, they’ve tried. They’ve even brought in bigger guns at time.

Today’s birthday girl Edurne García Almagro had had a reasonable career in the entertainment industry for a few years before Eurovision came knocking at her door. By then, she was also attached to top goalkeeper David de Gea. Sort of a Hispanic Posh n Becks perhaps. Anyway, Edurne and her burly pal went to Vienna with high hopes and a very vocal set of fans. And what happened? She did beat three others of the Big Five, but a long way distant – 350 points distant – of first place. It was a good attempt, but meant RTVE had to go back to the drawing board. They’re still at it.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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