#POLL – Best of Eurovision – AUSTRIA’s Odd Years

Building on the success of our Best of the Big 5 series, Eurovision Ireland is now broadening its search for your favourite entries from countries across the continent, spanning the contest’s entire back catalogue – that’s well over 1500 songs!

We’ve scoured the Big 5 countries and across Scandinavia for your Eurovision favourites and you voted in your thousands to crown your winners. We now begin on our next exciting set of countries: those of Western Europe that are not part of the Big 5 – namely Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. Can you believe we’re already half way through? For our penultimate stop on this leg of our Eurotrip, we’re back down in the Alps – it’s time to take a closer look at Austria!

Austria didn’t take part at the first Eurovision like most of the other countries we’ve looked at in this group so far, but they were quick to realise they were missing out on the fun and debuted in 1957 – unfortunately for them, their first ever entry ‘Wohin, Kleines Pony?’ came dead last with just 3 points! This disappointing start clearly didn’t deter them though, as Austria were among the first 10 countries to win (#7 to be precise!) and down the years have claimed 8 finishes in Top 5 and of course 2 victories! At the other end of the scale, Austria have finished in last place 7 times and walked away from the contest with 0 points on 4 occasions – including during their most recent hosting in 2015!

Austria have sent 53 songs to the Eurovision Song Contest over the years, and as always we’ve split the songs between Odd and Even Years. This week you’ll be voting for your favourite Austrian entries from Odd Years – namely songs that entered in years ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9.

Don’t spot your favourites below? Don’t panic! You’ll get to vote for which Even Year entries you love next week! As always, the Top 10 entries from both semi finals will then go on to the grand final, where you will vote for your overall winner. Don’t forget, your winner will be entered in the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame, so what are you waiting for? Get voting!



Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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