Eurovision 2021

#IRELAND: 2022 National Final Possibly On January 21st

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

Micheal Healy, the Head of Delegation for Ireland, has revealed the possible date for Ireland’s 2022 National Final. He revealed the news in The Euro Trip podcast, which will go out next Wednesday, November 24th.

Micheal Healy, Irish Head of Delegation, had the following to say:

“You can pencil in but don’t hold me to it, the 21st of January. We’ll probably have a combination of a national jury, an international jury and the public deciding which of those five or six songs will represent us in Turin. I think it’s going to be 33% Irish public, 33% national jury and 33% international jury. That’s my thinking at the moment but that might change.

It’s quite simply down to finance. I would love to do a Melfest style show where we have six weeks of heats and finals but it’s down to finance. RTÉ isn’t a rich organisation – we’re the opposite of that. So we have to be prudent about how we do things.

I got the message from the fans. They wanted a say in what we were doing, they wanted to see a selection of songs, they wanted a chance to vote on them in a final. I explored the possibility of doing a standalone broadcast from a theatre or somewhere, but the finances just don’t add up. If I did that, we wouldn’t be able to do Dancing With The Stars.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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