Eurovision 2021

#SWEDEN: My Swedish Jukebox – John Stanton

To run alongside our Swedish polls this month, the Eurovision Ireland team and friends have put together four of their Swedish favourites. Today is the turn of John Stanton.

Den vilda – One More Time (1996)

My favourite song from a Saturday night Eurovision show of all time. This ticks every single box for me, plus some I didn’t know existed. It builds nicely throughout its three minutes. It’s got seasoned performers who can carry a tune. The tune itself that has some wider-than-Eurovision, almost festive appeal, and it doesn’t need histrionics to sell it. Maria and Nanne’s simple delivery sell this so well. And who doesn’t love a stainless steel grand piano?

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1

En dag – Tommy Nilsson (1989)

Tommy has a great voice, and he used it to its fullest in Lausanne. From the first moment and the trumpet fanfare his song grabs me. He engages well with the camera, and he has five very able backing singers who really enhance what we get. They each add their own something to End ag, without overshadowing Tommy. A great performance that is something everyone should want to emulate.

Video: YouTube/Maxim2291

Härliga sommardag – Family Four (1972)

Way back in the 1970s, groups were still a novelty, and the Family Four had already done their stuff in 1971. One year later they were back with this slightly quirky little number. It starts slowly, which is pleasant enough, and then the chorus kicks in. It bounces along, and carries you with it. Beautifully crafted, this always makes me smile.

Video: YouTube/ESC:56-73

Dag efter dag – Chips (1982)

A guy called Lasse Holm was the 1980s version of Thomas G:son. He came up with tune after tune after tune. And this tune sing by Kikki Danielsson and Bettan is a classic. It’s bouncy, inoffensive, and everything the 80s needed in a melody. They knew what they were doing with this catchy number. And as it’s from my formative years, it’s always a Swedish cracker for me.

Video: YouTube/varvarah69

Join us tomorrow, as we celebrate more of our Swedish favourites. Let us know what you think about Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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