#BIRTHDAY: Hugues Aufray is 92 today

#BIRTHDAY: Hugues Aufray is 92 today

Our favourite TV show has always been a fun beast. Every year millions tune in. Many many people record it, and watch it afterwards, picking apart the performances. It’s not always been this way.

In 1964, the contest took place as planned in Copenhagen. However, moving footage of that ninth contest it very thin on the ground. As a result, the songs from that contest are maybe less well-known than others. But as it’s a song contest, not a stage act contest, a lack of moving pictures shouldn’t really matter, should it? Luxembourg’s entrant at that contest, and first to perform, was today’s birthday boy Hugues Aufray (né Hugues Jean Marie Auffray). Hugues, a native Frenchman, was chosen internally. He finished equal fourth behind the youngest winner ever (at the time), and he was either the favourite or second-favourite with every country that voted for him. There is no video footage of Hugues singing at the contest, so here’s an ‘official’ video instead.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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