Eurovision 2021

#NORWAY: My Norwegian Jukebox – Sarah Rudman

To run alongside our Norwegian polls this month, the Eurovision Ireland team and friends have put together four of their Norwegian favourites. Today is the turn of Sarah Rudman.

Alle Mine Tanker – Silje Vige – (1993)

For me this was the winner of 1993 and a great end to the contest that year. I love Silje’s presence on stage, oozing confidence for such a young performer, the pressure of performing a song written by her own father must have been enormous but boy did she deliver! I love the way the song changes from a quiet inoffensive little song to a rousing chorus, easy to clap along to and Silje certainly succeeded in engaging the audience to do just that. For it was that year’s winner.

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1

Mrs Thompson – Just for Fun (1991)

This is one of my guilty pleasures from Norway as I know it’s a bit of a love/ hate song in the Eurovision community. It’s annoyingly catchy and easy to hum along to. I think the group let themselves down on the night by not connecting enough together and seemingly trying to outdo each other in how well each of them individually performed.

Video: YouTube/#EurovisionAgain Songs Collection

Mil etter Mil – Jahn Teigen (1978)

Who could forget this Eurovision classic, which became a classic for probably the wrong reasons by getting nil points! The sheer craziness of it stayed in my memory and seemingly many others for it to be included regularly in reviews of Eurovision’s gone by. RIP Jahn Teigen, gone but never forgotten by the Eurovision World!

Video: YouTube/escLIVEmusic1

Spirit in the Sky – Keiino (2019)

I guess this song is going to be on many people’s favourites list and I am no exception. A very catchy schlager number performed and sung well by Keiino and love the Northern Sammi joiking! Deserved to win the televote and in all fairness probably should have won.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Join us tomorrow, as we celebrate more of our Norwegian favourites. Let us know what you think about Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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