Eurovision 2020

#DUOLINGO reports surge in new Italian learners after Måneskin win Eurovision!

There are many good reasons to learn a language… to make travel more enriching, to boost your CV, to be able to speak to friends, family and co-workers more easily… now we can add loving the winner the Eurovision Song Contest to this list!

According to Duolingo’s Twitter feed, they’ve seen ~56% increase in new students taking up Italian since Måneskin lifted the glass microphone trophy on Saturday night. It seems people around the world have been inspired to take up la bella lingua after rocking out to Zitti E Buoni!

Eurovision Ireland love the multilingual aspect of our beloved contest and have already had a go at teaching Northern Sami. We will be bringing you some useful Italian lessons in the near future – so keep checking out our YouTube channel!

Are you one of these new Italian students using Duolingo to better understand the lyrics of the winner? Or are you brushing up before visiting Italy for Eurovision 2022? Parli già italiano?

Let us know in the comments below!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Twitter

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