Eurovision 2021

#Meet our Eurovision Winner : Some facts about Måneskin

Late Saturday evening ,Måneskin of Italy took victory in a thrilling grand final , held at the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam . But what do we really know about our winner ? Let’s have a look .

  1. They are an Italian rock band from Rome , with four members; Damanio David, Victoria De Angelis,Thomas Raggi and EthanTorchio.

2)They started to become widely known in their home country after placing 2nd in the Italian version of X Factor in 2017.

3)Their group name Måneskin , comes from the Danish Language and means “Moonlight”. Their female band member ,Victoria De Angelis is half Danish.. The band asked her to give some Danish words and this is how their name came about .

4) They consider their musical genre to be Alternative rock/hard rock /glam rock/pop rock. The band members cite Led Zeppelin,Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, and Radio head as musical influences.

5) They met each other while they were students at the same school in Monteverde , Rome . They started the band in 2016 and spent time performing as buskers in the streets of the Colli Portuensi and Via del Corso districts of Rome before winning X Factor in 2017

6) They released their first Italian language single in 2018 , titled Moriro da re. They have since released several singles and studio albums.

7) In March 2021, they entered and won the annual Sanremo Music Festival with the song Zitti e Buoni and as we all know now, went on to win Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

Here is their winning Eurovision performance. Congratulations to Måneskin and Italy !

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source: Wikipedia

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