Eurovision 2021

#ESC2021: Day 8 Rehearsals – Live Blog from 10:30 (CET)/09:30 (BST)

#ESC2021: Day 8 Rehearsals – Live Blog from 10:00 (CET)/09:00 (BST)

Well, we have now seen the first and second rehearsals of both the 1st and 2nd semi finals, and today at 09:30 BST/10.00 CET we continue with the second set of rehearsals from the Grand Finalists. This is where we may get to see if any of the acts have made changes to their performances from their first rehearsals.

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But who else is on today?

Italy 9:30

Bogdan – Maneskin gave us a cracking performance with high energy. They are all dressed in red laced leathers, and the background is in black and red too (with some blue here and there). Some people don’t understand the hype, but considering we don’t really want something bland to win, this could be the combination to wake up all the audience.

Richard – Oh Italy, this really isn’t my cup of tea. It must be doing something right considering how high it is with the bookies. I think that is also the most pyrotechnics we’ve seen all week in just one rehearsal.

Sarah- I admit to not liking this type of music at all and can’t see how this is so high in the betting odds, but to be objective ,there’s no doubt that it’s a show stopper of a performance , high energy, in your face and pyros galore , I think how well this will do will depend on the mood of the televoters on the night and where it is placed in the running order, if it’s put between or after a couple of ballads, it will wake up the audience and viewers at home .

John – What a way to waken up on a Saturday morning. Lots of intense Italian words in song form. The lead singer is in what I can only describe as aubergine-coloured salopettes, with boots of note. There are pyros in bucketfuls, lots of strutting around, and a general vote-for-us-or-we’ll-come-and-get-you vibe. An excellent rehearsal. It’s going to bring the house down next week.

Germany 09:55

Richard – So much fun, so much energy. I really think we’ve underestimated how well Jendrik is going to do on Saturday night. I think we will see even more energy exerted when he has a crowd to perform to too.

Sarah- For totally bonkers , this is the act to watch . Nothing changed much from the first rehearsal , Jendrik on stage in his pink jacket , blue trousers , prancing about on stage with his backing singers , including the one dressed as a human hand ! The scary thing is I find myself singing and tapping my foot along to it .It’s certainly memorable and as we have said before , with a late draw in the running order and half of Europe by that point having had a few pints and exhausted by the one singer /backing dancers up-tempo acts and ballads , this could do very well indeed, far better than pre -contest predictions.

Bogdan – Jendrik is having fun on stage and you can’t take that away from him. Some televoters will absolutely love it because it’s bonkers. We have dance, we have trumpets, and we have lots of vibrant colours that make this performance memorable. Will the jury like it? Not so sure, but in my opinion this is definitely not a last place and with the right audience, it might even be on the left side of the scoreboard. I enjoyed that!

The Netherlands 10:20

Bogdan – Jeangu gave us a very confident performance, with powerful visuals. He sounded as good as ever and the message of the song was very well conveyed through both the performance of the dancers as well as through the messages displayed on the background. I see this song doing really well. Like top 3 well.

Sarah- This is absolute class! Jeangu is confident on stage, wonderful vocals , and well complimented with the backing singers . Nice conveying of the song’s message both on stage and in the messages in the backdrop, in English/Sranan Tongo . One of the best host country entries for a long time , the Dutch are clearly looking to keep up their reputation at the contest after winning in 2019 . I love it !

Richard – The Dutch are really trying to win again with such a well produced home nation entry. Jeangu has introduced us to the Sranan Tongo language – never seen at Eurovision until now. The Dutch will not be disappointed.

John – Jeangu and his cohort have come up with the goods again today. His song is musical silk, just like his voice. It has a lot appeal due to its current nature. I even love the Sranan Tongo touches, just to give it that more global slant. Combine all that with the effective staging, this could surprise a few people. I guess Dutch TV would be happy with a runner-up spot (all the kudos without the expense next year).

France 10:45

Richard – Barbara performs such as beautiful and mesmerising performance of Voila. Why sadly it might not appeal to your average televoter, Barbara will gain no end of points from the juries. I’d love to see France to be the first country to do the JESC/ESC double, but we will have to wait and see.

Bogdan – You can tell Barbara is a well experienced performer. Her theatrical performance shines beautifully on the stage, especially when she goes into that frenzy towards the end, repeating nervously ‘voila, voila’. This is a song for the jury and ticks lots of boxes. We’ve all had a mad year so this being a favourite is not a real surprise. Personally though, I would like a different style to win this year.

John – France are moving in as favourites. I still don’t quite see it. The juries admittedly will look on this song’s musical merit, which I can understand. However, I think it might be just too French to appeal to the wider televoting public. It is a pretty decent song, performed by a decent vocalist in a decent manner, and I’m sure France would love to hold both the JESC and ESC crowns at the same time. I just think someone else might.

Sarah- There’s no doubting that Barbara’s vocals are sound, full of emotion and she’s a fine performer. Staging the same , with Barbara , alone in darkness, with spotlights shining down on her. The juries will lap this up but I am not so sure the televoters will be as convinced as it is very French and may only appeal to those who love this type of song .It will be up there competing on the night but win ? I’m not so sure .

United Kingdom 11:10

Bogdan – The song is fun and James is giving us good vocals. I appreciate the use colours on the background, but I was still hoping to see a burning effect with an explosion of fireworks. Even though I enjoyed the performance and I was singing along, I’m left feeling that something is missing.  

Sarah- James gives us a good, enthusiastic performance. The background stage colours blend in well , however it still feels like there is something missing . I would like to see this do well enough to get UK to the left hand side of the score board, a lot will depend on where James is put in the running order .

Richard – James has come back with another set of slick run throughs. The red and blue lightings remind me so much of the music video. The BBC hasn’t used pyrotechnics – which I’m quite pleased about, because I feel broadcasters use them unnecessarily half the time. The jury is out on how Embers will do – I hope it does well!

John – James will have his followers who will go for this. There’s the gimmick on stage in giant trumpet form. There are dancers. James is in a kind outfit. The song bounces along really nicely too. It’s an optimistic, jolly, feelgood number, that will get your foot tapping. But maybe he was holding back a tad – although who can blame him when the big gig is many days away.

Spain 11:35

Sarah- Blas gives us another emotional rendition of his song , with the staging still with a night-time feel of darkness and stars, with a large moon . How this does will depend a lot on where it is placed in the running order.

John – I know there will be fans of this, but it comes across as a bit laboured to me. Blas starts off in the dark – I know why, but by the time the lighting picks up, your average televoter may well have switched off. The giant moon seems to work, but props of this size are a very high-risk strategy (cf the UK). He relies a lot on his looks, but again if you can’t see him, you can’t really be drawn in. It won’t finish last, but some parts of the Big Five need to have a good look at what wins this TV show in the 21st Century.

Richard – While I’m sure this is a classical performance that Blas is delivering, it all feels a bit bland to me. Blas is also quite screechy in places too. It’s another one for the juries if Blas is lucky, but not the televoters.

Bogdan – Blas is singing with emotion and we can see his face more clearly this time. I am one of the supporters of this song, but I’m afraid the whole gigantic moon on the stage does not work. It reminds me of ‘Dying to try’. Like someone said earlier, gigantic props rarely work in your favour.  As much as I love the song and Blas’ charisma, I think the staging isn’t quite what this song needs.

Well that was it for today dear readers. Thank you for following our Live Blog, we appreciate your support.

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Author & Source: Eurovision Ireland

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