Eurovision 2021

#SWEDEN: 2021 Commentators & Spokesperson Announced

The Swedish Commentators and Spokesperson has been announced ahead of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, which is been held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Alongside Edward af Sillén, the regular Swedish Commentator, will be Christer Björkman – who is leaving his role within the Swedish Delegation after this year’s Contest. Christer Björkman said:

“It’s an honorable and perfect end to 20 magical years with the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision.”

Carola has also been revealed as the Swedish Spokesperson for the Contest’s Grand Final, delivering the Swedish Jury points. Taking part in the Contest herself three times, Carola took victory in 1991 with “Fångad av en stormvind”.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: SVT

Categories: Eurovision 2021, Sweden

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