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# Here Today Gone Tomorrow Special : Where are the non- returning 2020 acts now? Part 2 #Openup

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We can all recall the disappointment of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest being cancelled last year and probably no-one was as disappointed as all the 2020 performers , who were putting their hearts and souls into producing great performances for us in May 2020 . However, whilst many were invited back for a second chance this year, there were 15 of those 2020 performers , who were not, or were entered into their National Finals , only to lose out to another performer, or declined the offer of participation in 2021, preferring to give the opportunity to someone else . We at Eurovision Ireland, think those acts deserve a bit of a mention in the run up to this year’s contest , so we are bringing to you in the weeks building up to the 2021 contest , a Here Today , Gone Tomorrow, special series , which focuses solely on those acts and asks the question , what are they doing now ? Last week, we started with Part 1 and the 2020 representatives of Denmark, Sweden ,Norway , Finland and Russia . This week, we go to Part 2 , which will look at the 2020 representatives of France, Germany, Albania, Cyprus and Italy . So in the words of Jon Ola Sand , let’s ” take it away ” !

Tom Leeb -Should have represented France at Eurovision 2020

Tom Leeb is a French actor, singer and comedian . He was internally selected by French broadcaster France 2 to represent his country in the 2020 contest, with the song ” Mon alliée ” ( The Best in Me) however, we all know what happened next !

Tom declined to put himself forward to represent France in 2021 . He continues to pursue his acting and singing career, appearing in the French TV show “Plan B -Saison 1″ on TF 1 and has appeared in a movie”8 rue de l’humanité”, available on Netflix. He also produced an album ” Silver Lining”.

Ben Dolic -Should have represented Germany at Eurovision 2020

Ben is Slovenian born but became popular in Germany after participating in the German talent show ” The Voice of Germany in 2018 . He was internally selected to represent Germany in Rotterdam in 2020 with the song “Violent Thing “. The song was well regarded by the ESC community on social media , unfortunately, as with all of the 2020 acts, Covid-19 prevented him making an appearance on the big Eurovision stage .

Ben can still be followed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube . He has even done a cover of Kristian Kostov’s entry for Bulgaria in 2017 “Beautiful Mess”.

Arilena Ara –Should have represented Albania at Eurovision 2020

Arilena Ara is an Albanian singer and songwriter. She had already gained recognition in Romania, Russia and Eastern Europe by the time she came to perform at the Albanian selection for Eurovision ” Festival i Kenges ” with the song ” Fall from the sky ” in 2019 , which she won . Unfortunately she was denied the chance to shine on the Eurovision stage, for the reasons we all know only too well.

We haven’t heard much about Arilena since the 2020 contest was cancelled . She has however featured in a song by a fellow Albanian singer , Alban Skenderaj , called ” Ai shah “.

Sandro-Should have represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2020

Sandro is of German, Greek and American origin and is fluent in Greek, English and German .He gained a talent for music from childhood , being able to play the guitar since the age of 8 , forming his first band at the age of 15 and writing his own songs . He represented USA at the 2019 New Wave Festival in Russia . Sandro was internally selected by Cypriot broadcaster CyBC to represent Cyprus in Rotterdam in 2020.

Unfortunately, they did not invite Sandro back for 2021 after the contest was cancelled in March 2020 . Sandro is his stage name, his real name is Alessandro H Ruetten. He has also performed under the stage names of Sammy Clay and Tyler. He produced an album in 2020 called ” Re-up”.

Diodato -Should have represented Italy at Eurovision 2020

Diodato already had quite a musical history and following before winning San Remo in 2020 and therefore the first option to represent Italy in Rotterdam. Despite not being able to perform his song ” Fai Rumore ” on the Eurovision stage, his song became an anthem of hope in Italy at the start of the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020 , when Italy was in full National Lockdown. Who can forget those scenes shown from the Italian streets on the media where residents in blocks of flats were on their balconies singing along to the song.? Or his performance at the Arena di Verona during the Eurovision : Europe shine a Light replacement show on the night that the Grand Final should have taken place?

On 9th May 2020 , Diodato won the David di Donatello for the best original song “Che vita mervigliosa” , which was used as as a soundtrack for the film ” The Goddess of Fortune”. The song also won the Nastro d’Argento ( Silver Ribbon) for best original song on 6th July . The song “Fai Rumore” also won the Mia Martini Critics award and the Lucio Dalla Press room award.

So, that’s it , the second group of 5 of the class of 2020 who didn’t make it to Eurovision 2021. What do you think ? Would you have liked to see them this year in Rotterdam? Please do keep a look out in the coming days for the 3rd and final part of our Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Special , when we will take a look at the final 5 performers from the class of 2020, who we won’t see in Rotterdam this year . And please do keep watching our site for more great articles and events in the build -up to Rotterdam 2021!

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : AS music, You Tube , Wikipedia ,,Tom Leeb, CyBC,Diodato

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