Eurovision 2021

#UNITED KINGDOM: James Newman will sing “Embers” in Rotterdam #openup

This week has seen many countries present their entry for the ESC in Rotterdam to take place on 18th,20th , 22nd May 2021 and the UK are no exception to this . Earlier this year, the national broadcaster the BBC , decided to send James Newman, who was due to represent the nation last year with his song ” My Last Breath ” but unfortunately didn’t get to perform his song on stage in Rotterdam due to the contest being cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic. This year, James has decided to send a more up-tempo song , called “Embers”. You can see the official video below.

The UK , as part of the Big 5 nations will go directly to the Grand Final in Rotterdam on 22nd May . What do you think? Do you think the UK can make it to the left hand side of the scoreboard this year? Please do drop us a line and let us know your thoughts in our comments box below .

The National Season may be almost over for another year but please do keep following us at Eurovision Ireland as we will have lots of great stuff coming up to take us through to May ! And tune in to our coverage of Melodifestivalen, including a live blog on Saturday!

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : You Tube ,BBC

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