#UK: James Newman to represent the UK in Rotterdam 2021

The BBC has revealed that James Newman will be singing for the United Kingdom at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

James was invited again to fly the flag for the UK.

Last year he was supposed to represent the nation with his song My last breath, a song he has co-written with Ed Drewett, Adam Argyle and Iain James.

His new song will be revealed at a later date but can expect this time something “positive and upbeat”.

This is what James stated according to the BBC.

“I need to finish what I started,” James tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“I was so gutted when it got cancelled last year, and I didn’t get the opportunity to go to Rotterdam and sing on stage. I instantly wanted to take part again.”

James said that a ballad “didn’t feel right” this year.

“I feel like everyone wants a party and to have some fun so when I was writing, that’s what I had in my head. I wanted something people can dance to, even if it’s just in their kitchen”

His new song is expected to be revealed in the next weeks.

We can only hope that his new song will conquer yet again the Eurovision fans.

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, BBC

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