#BIRTHDAY: Getter Jaani from Estonia is 28 today

#BIRTHDAY: Getter Jaani from Estonia is 28 today

A stage show can be crucial in getting your song across to the voters of Europe and beyond. It can make a difference between getting three minutes, six minutes, or even nine minutes. So it has to make an impression.

Back in 2011, Estonia sent today’s birthday girl Getter Jaani to Düsseldorf. She had an interesting stage show based around vibrant colours and a mini skyline that may or may not have been Tallinn. It paid some dividends as it got her into the Grand Final. She then showed off her colours again and – possibly – was an accidental 24th of 25. Ten countries voted for her, some with a decent mark and others less so. Maybe they’d have done better if we’d stuck to Getter’s counting system.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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