#2020: “My Tracks Of 2020” – Sarah Rudman

This has been a very different year thanks to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, however we have had plenty of Eurovision related music to enjoy. Here at Eurovision Ireland and our friends from the around the Eurovision Community, we have chosen just five tracks that have summed up our year – coming from the Eurovision National Finals, the cancelled 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Eurovision: The Story Of Fire Saga, the Junior Song Contest 2020 and the Turkvision Song Contest 2020.

Next up is Sarah Rudman, with tracks selected from Switzerland, Denmark, France, Lithuania and Italy.


I was expecting good things from Switzerland , following last year’s success with Luca Hanni and “She got me” , especially when I heard they were selecting internally again. I wasn’t  disappointed! I loved this from the minute I first heard it, it gave me very much that kind of feeling I had when I first heard Arcade by Duncan Laurence. Classy, haunting, really good vocals . It really made me become lost in my own thoughts and forget about the pandemic which was ravaging  the world .It is such a shame that we never got to see how this would be staged in Rotterdam. It is my winner of 2020 and I hope that Gjon comes back with something even better, if that is possible , in 2021.

Video: YouTube/EBU


I have Danish roots , so it will be no surprise to those who know me that I have included this song in my top 5 for 2020. I actually felt for them during the Danish final, having no audience to perform to as the Danish Melodi Grand Prix was one of the first Eurovision events to be affected by the pandemic and the Danish Government had advised on no audiences  to try and limit the spread of Covid-19. Ben & Tan gave a great , uplifting performance with a catchy song, with the words, “Say yes, Say Yes “no doubt imprinted in the minds and memories of Eurovision fans! Had Ben & Tan been able to perform in Rotterdam this year, I am sure they would have qualified quite easily for the final and done very well in the Grand Final. It is a shame that they have decided not to come back and compete in next year’s Danish Melodi Grand prix but at the same time admirable of them to give someone else the chance that they never got…. to perform at Eurovision.

Video: YouTube/EBU


A song from Junior Eurovision, I have even surprized myself in choosing a Junior Eurovision song as JESC is normally something that passes me by . However ,with not having had  ESC 2020 to enjoy , I took a great deal more interest in JESC this year as it helped to get a little more normality back after what has been an abysmal year .Valentina’s song was catchy, infectious and certainly gives that sense of happiness , which I think we could do with more of at the moment. Her stage presentation was quite impressive with different famous sights of Paris as a back ground and she performed with great enthusiasm. A worthy winner of JESC , will we see her in ESC in a few years perhaps?

Video: YouTube/EBU

“On Fire”

I admit to not being a great fan of Lithuanian songs  and thought this year would be no different . However , as soon as I saw  The Roop on stage in the Lithuanian national finals , all that changed ! The Roop had certainly done their homework on what makes a winning Eurovision song, they threw everything into it , a dance routine that could catch on with Eurovision audiences, with some quite unique moves, casual dress , it really stood out and was memorable ! Again it was also a song that I felt myself tapping my feet along to . Would The Roop have done well had they gone to Rotterdam? It’s one of those songs you either love or hate, so could have gone either way but I think they would have done quite well.

Video: YouTube/EBU

“Fai Rumore”

I usually like Italian entries and this year was no different , Diodato ticked all the boxes to give Italy another good placing in the contest . What made me love it all the more was when I saw how it was played on the streets of Italy  during their Corona Virus Lockdown in March and was heard from families balconies, windows and roofs , with citizens singing along to it . It was a real morale booster for those in lockdown and I don’t think anybody inside or outside Italy would fail to be moved by that . I think had Rotterdam 2020 taken place, we would have seen Italy in the top 5 again.

Video: YouTube/EBU

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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